Thursday, May 17, 2012

A Trip Home

The kids and I recently spent two weeks visiting family and friends. The bulk of our visit was to Gaffney, South Carolina - my childhood home - with a short trip to Hendersonville, North Carolina to visit my in-laws. Prior to the trip I was nervous about traveling alone with my two kids, especially the plane ride; however, both kids behaved wonderfully. Overall the trip was a success and I will definitely be back to visit again soon.

I know what everyone really loves are the photos and here are a few of the highlights from our travels.

Grace swinging at the park in Gaffney.

Jack sliding at the Gaffney park.

Jack sitting in Uncle Jim's new car.

Grace taking her turn in Uncle Jim's car.

Jack at the goat farm while visiting Grannie Annie and Pop.

Grace at the goat farm. She isn't walking yet and I didn't want her crawling around in goat poop.

Jack and Grace looking at goats. We got to see a hour old goat.

Jack and Grannie Annie dancing in the rain.

Grace with my Nanny Hollifield. Grace was named after my grandmother, Florence.

Jack fishing for the first time.

Jack reeling in his first fish.

Me and the kids at a Harris family gathering.

Grace playing in the South Carolina red clay.

Jack digging in the red dirt.

Before this trip I had not been home since August 2010, the longest I have ever gone without a visit. It felt so good to see my family and friends. I was happy to introduce Grace and show how big Jack has grown. Even with two weeks on the road I still felt it wasn't enough time to see everyone, but we definitely put our best effort forward to visit and spend time with our loved ones. 

That red clay is in my bones and some may say my attitude. Gaffney will alway be home and the people I leave there I carry with me in my heart.