Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Grace at Four

Our sweet Grace turned four this past January. My how the time flies. Grace had a milestone year. She gave up her binky, potty trained, moved to a big girl bed and started preschool. Three was a year of big change for Grace.

I believe three is a hard age because a child goes from being a baby to being a kid. They are learning so much, and often as a parent it is easy to forget they are still so little.

Four may be my favorite age for my children. The physical labor of parenting lessens, and I am able to enjoy their company.

Our Grace is precious. She is smart and funny. She is beautiful. She adores all of us. Her imagination is awesome. I wish I could pop inside her brain and hang out for a bit.

I am excited to watch Grace learn and grow. She is truly a gift. Each year I ask my kids a few questions. Here are Grace's answers.

What is your favorite color? gold (She has never said this is her favorite color before. I didn't even know she knew gold was a color.)

What is your favorite food? chocolate (Jack told her to say that.)

What is your favorite toy? my treehouse

Who is your best friend? Elena

What is your favorite activity? I like to make puppets (This just makes me giggle because I've never seen her make a puppet.)

What is your favorite game? Uno

What do you want to be when you grow up? a doctor and a mommy

What are you thankful for? my mommy

What is the best thing that happened this year? I went on the big kid swing

What do you like best about being four? riding my bike

Grace also wanted to add that she "likes to write rainbows."

I just love this girl's imagination and sense of humor. Four is truly the best.