Thursday, November 3, 2011

The end of October

The last week or so has been a lot of fun at the Driver house. After having Christian on a business trip to Australia for the first three weeks of October, we have spent the last few weeks trying to get back to normal. Here is a bit of what we have done.

Grace discovered balloons.

Jack found the mother load of "teeny soccer balls" a.k.a. Airsoft gun pellets at the park and created a game of some sort using my Gladware. He kept telling me not to take pictures. I think he may have been on a secret mission.

Jack discovered Play-Doh.

We had the first snow of the year and Christian and Jack built a snowman.

We all went trick-or-treating. Jack was in love with Halloween...

and the candy!

Grace learned to sit and scoot in her brace.

We are having a blast with these kiddos and I am so excited for Christmas. I just may have to dig the tree out early this year.

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  1. The kids are so cute! And, Jack made an awesome fireman!