Monday, June 4, 2012

Big Bootie

Jack is potty trained, an easy process compared to my beliefs regarding potty training. He basically trained himself over the last year and a half. He wears his big boy underpants and goes potty as needed with the occasional accident. Accidents seem to happen especially when he is playing hard or like a few weeks ago, prior to an illness. Overall he is very successful at managing the potty.

Given the potty training success, last week Jack decided it was time to start wiping himself and pulling up his own clothes. It may sound weird but this kind of makes me sad. Yes, it is nice to have one less butt to wipe but it also demonstrates his constant maturing. I want to freeze time and hold on to my babies.

The potty process also lets Jack's sense of humor shine. He is so funny. He likes for me to sit in the bathroom with him so that we can have "conversations" while he poops. We talk about trucks and Christmas and friends. He makes the most astute observations while on the potty.

Last week after a trip to the potty Jack was attempting to pull up his underpants and out of the blue says, "how do I get this big bootie in here?" I laughed so hard. I hope his humor gets your Monday off to a great start.

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