Friday, August 3, 2012

Grace at 18 months

Grace is18 months old! The week she turned 18 months old we also got a positive report at her orthopedic appointment. Her hips look good!

After three years of motherhood I finally enjoy the job (most days). If you are in my inner circle you know that babies scare me and sleep depravation is how I picture hell. It seems I am in the minority but I believe children get easier as they age. Sure Jack can be sassy and defiant but he can walk, talk and feed himself. I work much better with people who can speak to me and now Gracie can also walk, talk and feed herself.

Grace is a sweet girl and she is fun to watch. In the mornings she wakes up looking for Jack, "Jack?" she says with her sleepy-eyed smile. The most precious words to ever enter my ears are Grace saying, "roly-poly" following Jack around trying to squish the bug in his hand.

Grace shares many of Christian's characteristics. She is a great sleeper, can sit quietly entertaining herself, and most certainly has his eyes and smile. Our little joke is that she is Christian's child. However, recently Grace has taken to carrying around books. Her current favorite is Fodor's Pocket Guide to Paris. She also loves to eat. These two qualities match me perfectly. If sleep deprivation is my hell then food and books are my heaven.

Grace is a tough girl with a strong mind. Unlike Jack who just complied easily with my obsessive requests until he turned three, Grace lets me know when she doesn't like what I want. She will wiggle her way out of a shopping cart seat in a minute. She will thrash around in my arms determined to walk and she will sling a toy away if it isn't what she wants to play with.

Grace also has a gentle nature. She loves to cuddle and is very observant. She loves to take baths and wants to wear hair bows. She gets bashful when Christian hugs her good-bye in the mornings. She loves to play in the dirt and will attempt anything Jack is doing. Christian recently asked me, "when will she become dainty?" "Sorry, but I don't think I was ever dainty," was my reply.

We are in love with life. These sweet babies are doing well and each day is more of a joy than the last. Grace at 18 months is fun, exciting and sweet. I love my family and am so proud of Grace's strength over the last 18 months.


  1. There is nothing like seeing the rainbow after the rain!! So excited for little Grace and think it is so funny that she does her best to get out of your arms to walk...I keep telling chris I can't wait for the day when we get tired of K talking;)))). So happy for y'all!!

  2. I love it Sara! We are so blessed. I keep reflecting on how broken I felt this time last year and the amazing difference a year can make. I keep you guys in my prayers and think about you all the time. You have beautiful children!