Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's Time for a Change

This Thursday Gracie goes in for her cast change procedure. I have mixed emotions about the whole thing. I am so happy to have survived the first half of her time in a cast. I am very nervous about her being put under again. And I am scared about the next six weeks in a cast.

Thankfully Grace's procedure on Thursday should not involve any cutting. She will be placed under general anesthesia, her old cast will be removed, dye will be inserted in her hips with a needle and a new cast will be placed on her. She will remain in that cast for six weeks.

Before Grace's first surgery several mothers who had gone through the hip dysplasia and spica cast experience told me that while it was very hard, it was not nearly as scary as they thought it would be. I have to agree. It has been a tough six weeks but it was survivable. We had many sleepless nights, lots of overwhelming potty issues, worries about the heat, worries about her comfort and of course many worries about her healing. Add to that our dog dying and a grill fire that damaged our garage and you can say that we have had a rough six weeks. With that said, we made it through with minimal tears on my part and mostly a sense of peace and an openness to hear God's message and lessons.

It was not easy though! This is a tough experience and I never want to have to put Grace through this again. That is why I am asking for prayers for two specific things. First, please pray that on Thursday Grace will have a safe surgical procedure with no complications or issues. Second, please pray that her hips will be healed at the end of this process and she will not need additional surgeries or casts.

Thank you all for the love!

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  1. The Price's are praying for each request specifically...and don't forget that you are a great momma and one day Gracie will be RUNNING into your arms and those little legs will wrap around you and you will exhale and know that after it was all said and done, it was all worth it!