Wednesday, April 4, 2012

In My Pockets

The past weekend brought beautiful warm days before the traditional Colorado spring commenced. Our family spent our days outside playing and working hard to clean up the yard. Thankfully I have outdoor babies and like me they are happiest when the weather allows them to play outside. Of course, they would play outside in ten degrees but their poor mother just can't handle the cold.

 On Sunday after our day slowed down I cleaned out the pockets of my blue jeans. The contents brought a smile.

  • 12 dandelions picked by Jack just for me
  • a fancy balloon Jack has asked me to blow up 342 times 
  • a used Easter sticker Grace had wadded up and put in her mouth
  • four pennies I found on the floor and and didn't want to end up in Grace's belly
  • sand
  • a list for the store that Grace had ripped while she played with it in the cart
These are the joys of motherhood. Pockets full of childhood paraphernalia. 

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