Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Preschool Update

Today Jack had his seventh day of preschool. He LOVES it. Preschool apparently is awesome.

After the second day when I was at the front of the line to pick him up from his classroom, he asked me, "why are you so early?" I wasn't sure what he meant but after a little more discussion I realized he wanted to stay longer. He wanted me to lag back and be one of the last kids to leave instead of the first. I took that as a good sign.

Surprisingly, I also love Jack going to preschool. Grace and I have much needed one-on-one time. On Tuesdays we usually go home and play. We walk to the park, read books or play with Jack's toys. She loves it. On Thursdays I grocery shop. Shopping with one kid is SO much easier.

Everyday Jack comes home with a craft. He tells me about his snack and whether he got to play outside. He has friends at school. He likes to say "funny things" with his friend Wyatt. Like "smelly poo-poo." We had to explain that while that is really funny to say, he shouldn't talk that way in front of his teachers. Some words are just for around other kids.

Our only issue so far is Jack said other kids were hitting him. I, being my overprotective mama bear self, talked to the teacher about it. She told me that yes some of the other boys hit but that Jack is to just tell them to stop and call for the teacher. She said that often this is an issue at the first of the year and that Jack doesn't hit back. This worried me a little because usually if Jack is around a kid that hits he does not want to ever see them again. This makes for delicate situation management with other moms. I feared he would start putting up a fuss about preschool but so far he still loves it. I am betting it is because the teachers are on top of it and he feels very safe there.

I love the Wee School. In spite of MY first insecure moments and fear of leaving my kid, I really could not have asked for a better experience.  This is a change that has been easier than I expected and so far seems to be beneficial for all of us.

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