Thursday, September 6, 2012

Uncle Jim

I am a southerner. One southern habit I cannot break - children do not call adults by only their first names. This means that friends are Miss or Mister and family are Uncle or Aunt. Like Uncle Jim, Miss Jen or Mister Dave. This is how I was raised and I am passing the courtesy on to my children.

A quick side note: I am not judging you if your children call me by my first name only. Also, in my last post I made fun of moms wearing skinny jeans and heels to the playground. I guess I was judging them but not their style. I like a good jean and cute heels as much as the next girl, just not at the park on a day when the temperature is 98 degrees. I also have no judgement about whether a women works or stays home even though I have blogged about my personal struggle with the decision. I don't judge people who overeat even though I pointed out gluttony was sinful. I just ate four chocolate chips cookies while writing the first two paragraphs. Overall I like to make observations and share my opinions but I am usually not passing judgements on others. I am often trying to be funny but am not quite humorous enough to pull it off. Okay, now that we have said that, let's get back to my brother's visit.

My brother Jim visited Colorado for an entire week. We were very grateful he took his time to fly out to see us. Jack and Grace love their fun uncle and had a blast!  Jim brought presents for the kids - N.C. State gear. I always thought he was a Clemson fan but apparently you never really know a person until they buy your kids red instead of orange. Jack loves jerseys and Grace loves dresses so he hit the mark perfectly.

The first few days of the visit were a sample of our everyday life. Jim got to see Jack's preschool class and spend the morning at Costco and the grocery store with me and Grace. He saw Jack ride his peddle bike. Jim and the kids played lots of trains.

On Saturday afternoon the grown-ups ventured out the the The Boulder Brew Fest to enjoy samples from many of the local breweries. And on Sunday Jim, the kids and I spent the day in Estes Park. 

Jim once again won Jack over when he suggested they ride the go-carts. Jack had watched the cars on the track from our table at the restaurant across the street. He is in LOVE with anything that goes.

Grace had to stick with riding the stationary plane but was just as thrilled being able to participate. 

We had a wonderful time! My kids love their uncle. I am very grateful for a strong and healthy relationship with my brother. I have always thought Jim and I were complete opposites. However, Christian was quick to point out a few of our similarities. Apparently we both like to take the opposite positions on any topic being discussed, we are loyal to Crest toothpaste, and only use one water cup for the entire day. 

Being in Colorado and 1500 miles from my family is hard on my spirit. I have a huge extended family and almost all of them live within a few hours of my hometown (many within a five mile radius of my mom's house). I often struggle with the need to move closer to home. I feel like my children are missing out on knowing my family and my family is missing out on knowing them. I love that my kids got to spend a full week with their uncle creating a foundation for a lifelong relationship. 

This quote from an article in this month's issue of Southern Living magazine regarding a native's need to move home said it perfectly:
"...the South is nothing if not a place of infinite mystery. Still searching for that elusive missing part, the Southernness - otherness- one finds only in Dixie, a land of stark contradiction, where grace and guilt sit shoulder to shoulder, where the past isn't past, and redemption is ever on offer." 

Home - where my momma misses me and people love me in spite of myself. 

Thanks Jim for a fun week and a piece of home. 

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  1. I am rereading this post after returning yesterday from a visit with Mama to Colorado to see April and her family for Christmas. I would just like to say that I do not see anything wrong with being able to argue both sides of an issue. I think it makes for a mentally healthy person. Or perhaps it shows that we are both completely insane.