Saturday, March 9, 2013

Triumphant Two

Grace celebrated her second birthday in January. Don't ask me why it has taken until March to write about it.

Gracie's second year was triumphant. Because of the hip dysplasia she struggled through during her first year, most of her big milestones occurred during her second year.

This year Grace learned to pull herself up, stand, walk, climb and run. She thoroughly explored her world. She discovered her brother's toys and spent the year following him around attempting to do everything she saw him try.

This year Grace's personality started to shine through. She enjoys sitting her room looking at books. She loves baby dolls and playing kitchen. Even when she plays with Jack's cars, trucks and trains; it is with a gentler touch.

Grace loves to talk and she has an extensive vocabulary for a two year old. Of course, I understand most of what she says, although I am not sure everyone does.

Gracie's favorite things are her binky, lovey and doll. She wants to carry them around constantly, and I usually let her.

Grace is a happy child and a sweet girl. We are enjoying this time with Grace as she transitions out of the baby stage and toward more independence.

We had a wonderful year with Grace and are grateful to watch her grow and develop.

Have a beautiful year sweet Gracie. We love you!

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