Thursday, September 19, 2013

Gifts of Joy Week 7

Here is something about myself that I don't share. As a matter of fact, I have spent most of my life refusing to admit this. I am extremely sensitive. As I shared yesterday, this week it has been hard for me to feel joyful.

Seeing other people struggle always impacts me. Ask my mom, when she or my brother were treated poorly while I was growing up, it bothered me way more than it bothered them. I worry about the sick and the poor. It makes my heart heavy when I see pain impacting those around me. 

Also, I am extremely sensitive to what other people say to and about me. I don't deal with rejection or criticism well. Although, I always act like I can take anything and that stuff just rolls off my back. It doesn't. It goes straight to my heart. And there it sits often for years. 

The point is, I am not as tough as many people seem to think I am. I wear my heart on my sleeve. Whether I am mourning someone else's loss or dwelling in my own, I struggle to not be emotionally overwhelmed. I think this is why I write. It is a release. 

I tell you all of that to say. I love my life. I am more fortunate than I ever imagined possible. When I say I am struggling, it is just my sensitive nature that I am still too proud to own, taking over. 

Here are the joys I experienced last week. 

66. Gracie walking around with her purse and baby because she wants to be like her mommy.

67. These kiddos having fun inside on a rainy day.

68. This retention area near our neighborhood holding all the water that didn't go in our basement.

69. Sun peeking through the clouds after days of rain.

70. Jack's little spirit. He can have fun anywhere. Even in his pajamas in the rain.

71. The love I see between these two. They are thick as thieves.

72. Grace joining in on the rainy day fun.
73. A rainbow after days of flooding. His reminder that we are never alone.

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