Monday, September 9, 2013

Gifts of Joy Weeks 5 & 6

The past few weeks have been busy. I am continuing to count my joyful moments. Here are my joys from the last few weeks.

50. A much needed date night with this goofy guy.

51. Watching Jack excitedly show Christian his school work for the day.

52. A margarita on the front porch on a tired Friday afternoon.

53. A sweet girl who loves books and will rope anyone she can find into reading one with her. 

54. Early morning wake-up snuggles at the mountain cabin.

55. Gracie playing doll house on our front porch.

56. A brother willing to fly out for a week to spend time with our family.

57. Exploring nature with my Grace.

58. A neighborhood with an abundance of parks (can't you tell Jack loved that I put him in the baby swing?).

59. Play time with Uncle Jim.

60. An evening hanging out minus kiddos with Jim and Sara. 

61. Living in beautiful Colorado.

62. The smiles and joy these two bring everyday.

63. Relaxed moments throwing stones.

64. The excitement of doing new things. 

65. Embracing my children as they are even if it goes against the current anti-princess movement. Be what you are sweet babies. (And yes, sometimes Jack wears Snow White and Grace wears Captain America.)

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