Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cautiously Optimistic

Today Grace had her weekly doctor's appointment. I went into the appointment cautiously optimistic. After last week my hopes were not high that the harness had started to work. Well, much to my surprise when Sue, our physicians assistant, evaluated Grace she felt Grace's left hip trying to stay in the socket more. Sue decided we would wait until next week to do a follow up ultrasound. At that point Grace will have been in her harness for four weeks. Surgery is not out of the picture, but it is also less eminent.

I sit here humbled by the power of prayer. All around this country people are praying for Grace and I feel those prayers working in her life. I also think some of you out there must be praying for me because I have much more peace about our situation.

I have spent some time thinking about why this hit me so hard emotionally last week. Why did this bring me to my knees? I am still not certain of the answer but have an idea. I was only prepared to have Grace in her harness. I thought our biggest struggle would be how to dress her and keep poop off the darn thing. I just hadn't even imagined we could be looking at a surgery. It really knocked the wind out of me when that became a possibility.

I do feel so blessed. My children are healthy. Hip dysplasia is manageable and we have the resources to ensure Grace will receive the best possible care. Also, I have enormous gratitude for the amazing family and friends who have told us just to ask if we need anything. We have a very blessed life and I do not want to lose sight of that.

Next week's doctor's visit will be stressful. Grace will have an ultrasound and we will know more about what we are dealing with. If the ultrasound shows good results we will continue with the harness. If not, we will try a different type of brace to see if we can get better results. Please pray that the harness will continue to work. Pray specifically that Grace's left hip improves over the next week.

I have a hopeful heart and remain cautiously optimistic.

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