Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Eddy Jordan

I met Eddy Jordan last spring during the LTYM show. A group of women sat around a conference room table reading our motherhood stories out loud to each other for the first time. Eddy was the lone male. Only a sophomore in college, he had an inside view of the inter-workings of a group of ladies.

I sat waiting for my turn to read my story. Eddy read his two before me. He left me crying like a baby, completely undone by his imagery. His story captured love, loss, humor and a mother's dedication perfectly. 

Eddy's was my favorite LTYM story. 

I want to be that mom. The mom whose grown child knows he was loved deeply. The mom whose children do not doubt that she will move mountains to keep them safe. The mom whose absence gives a man a mission to tell her story. 

Eddy is an inspiration. His mom must be looking down proud of the man he has become. Honored that he is telling her story.

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