Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Life List

For some crazy reason I hate the term "bucket list". I guess this is because I hate the term "kicking the bucket". I am not judging you if you have a bucket list or often say kicking the bucket. I just guess for me it seems insensitive.

Also, I feel a bucket list seems like we are all running a race, trying to cram in as much as possible before the clock runs out. I don't like living this way. I like a slower pace. I like days without plans. I like the little moments in life.

But, I am also ambitious. I love to have goals. They help me keep my eye on where I want to be even if I am only slowly scooting down the path.

So instead of a bucket list I am going to call my list a Life List. The things I haven't yet accomplished that I would like to get to someday.

A Life List:
  • Make out with my husband at the top of the Eiffel Tower
  • Take a road trip to the Grand Canyon
  • Become an author with published books
  • Take a mission trip to Africa
  • Run a marathon
  • Learn to snow and water ski
  • See Alaska
  • Stand on the Great Wall of China
  • Live on the east coast
  • Stay married to my husband until one of us dies
  • Swim in the Mediterranean Sea
  • Hand sew a quilt
  • Drive a race car 
  • Have a group of girlfriends that take an annual trip
  • Travel with my grown children
  • Learn to make homemade jam
  • Write a children's book
  • Learn to french braid
  • Walk the Appalachian Trail
  • Hike a fourteener
  • Drive across the country in an RV
  • Take my mom to Disney World
  • Give a motivational speech on a stage in front of an audience
  • Learn to play golf
  • Meet a president (past or present)
  • Volunteer regularly with my children
  • Give away half of everything I make to charity
  • Have an article published in a magazine
  • Read the entire Bible
Do you have a Life List? What's on it?

1 comment:

  1. I love these! I've done the road trip to the Grand Canyon and it is sooo do-able...I might have to steal a few of yours. Like the Great Wall of China one, the annual girls trip, give a motivational speech... I have a few of the same ones (publish a book), stay married till one of us dies... love the RV one.

    And you know what else I love? That you acknowledge liking a slower pace. I feel like everyone is so caught up in being so busy all the time, and it's a real buzzkill. Your perspective is refreshing. Keep posting, I love reading your stuff:)