Sunday, August 11, 2013

Gifts of Joy - Week 2

Counting my gifts week 2. For week one's list and the reason for counting, check here.

11. Breakfast of champions. Coconut Almond Quinoa with pecan and blueberries. A great way to start my day.

12. Homemaking tasks like ironing my husband's shirts for work. 

13. Watching my children learn new things. Even if that new thing is how to kill a fly all by himself. 

14. My new Sevenly shirt. This one helped raise money to stop Sex Trafficking.

15. This sweet glass chicken family that sits by the window in front of my kitchen sink. They are from Christian's grandmother's house and they make me smile. 

16. Grace and Christian sharing a moment before he left for work. He is the best dad ever.

17. Living with superheroes. I feel so safe. 

18. A tired boy sleeping on the floor in his Captain America costume.

19. Rosemary from the herb garden used in one of my favorite side dishes

20. Tomatoes on the vine. I love summer!

21. Going to the movie theater with this precious boy for the first time.

22. Waking up on Sunday morning to children eating homemade waffles. 

23. Children running inside to grab me so that I don't miss seeing this bird sitting on our fence.
24. Snuggle time with sweet girl while we relax and watch a show. 
25. Our front porch swing.

26. My favorite flower, daisies, growing in our yard.

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