Monday, May 23, 2011

Grace Post Surgery

Well is has been an interesting week. Grace's surgery went very well. We were terrified going into it and Christian and I had a very long two hours while we waited for her procedure to end. The surgeon was able to position Grace's hips in a cast. She did have to cut Grace's muscle on her left leg in order to allow room for her joint to go into the socket. Now Grace will spend six weeks in a spica cast. After the six weeks she will have an additional surgery and cast change with six more weeks in a cast. The goal is for her bones to grow around that hip joint so that the joint no longer pops out of position. If this happens Grace will not need additional surgeries. We are praying her bones will grow and heal properly. We ask that you join us in this prayer.

The cast care is interesting. There is really just a small opening in which to handle the diapering busy. We have had a few blow outs and it has not been fun to clean up. This has not yet sent me over the edge but I did have a big fit yesterday after an especially nasty poop. I mean really the bathroom stuff is not fun.

Also, sleep is a challenge. So far her longest stretch since the surgery has been three hours. This makes for a tired momma and a tired Grace. Thankfully Christian is home with us for now to help with Jack and keep the household running.

Overall we are good. Thanks to friends and family we are being supported with meals, surprise cookies, cards, emails, texts, and lots of prayers. I have so much peace through this process which is not my normal nature so I know I am being prayed through this time.

Grace really is her normal, sweet and happy self. I knew the day after the surgery when she was smiling and laughing at me that she would be okay. Jack is a little confused but is hanging in there. Overall my family is doing well and we are very aware of our blessings. We do have such a great life and are not losing sight of that during this stressful and exhausting time. This too shall pass.

Thank you all for your love and support.


  1. Now it is cooler where you live than in SC? Right? I hope you will have cooler weather than here. Cause I would think she may get warm...but pray that she won't. April ...Grace is adorable. So precious. I can't imagine what you are going through especially Grace....wonder what is going thru her little mind...but I guess it all seems "normal" to her. We will pray that these weeks of waiting will go by quickly and that the cast and positioning will "do the trick". Please know you and family are in our prayers. Love to you .....Nancy & Ed Elliott

  2. Thank you Nancy! Heat is a big issue. I am hiring help this summer so that Jack can still get out and play while Grace stays inside. Thankfully it is cooler here. Also we do not have humidity so it is easier to dry her cast if it gets wet. Thanks so much for the prayers. If the cast works we could possibly be in the clear from here on. I believe God's grace will be with our Grace. She really is the sweetest baby.