Monday, May 30, 2011

Radley (Dec 8 1998 - May 29 2011)

I don't blog, I don't really bookface but I got to get something off my mind before my heart explodes, so here goes...

Ole Rads, our 12 year old lab, passed away peacefully yesterday from bone cancer. Ironically or cruelly, I haven't decided yet, he had bone cancer in the exact spot where my daughter couldn't connect her bones together at birth. I missed the signs of his pain and I am sorry that when he needed me the most I was too busy to care for him before it was too late; that is my only regret from having Radley. He was uncontrollable at times, maddening a lot, but unforgettable to those that met him. His cup always runneth over and that is what I will miss the most.

Thanks for keeping my family safe and keeping the Nazi's at bay
Thanks for greeting me with a smile everyday
Thanks for leading me to my wife
Thanks for loving my son
Thanks for keeping my floors free from food, and sometimes countertops and tables too
Thanks for being a friend when I thought I had none
Thanks for keeping April's cold toes warm, a job I will reluctantly take on now
Thanks for leading when I could not
Thanks for teaching me to play everyday
Thanks for your last lesson, to stop and smell the roses, and pay attention to the ones you love

Rest in peace bud and we'll throw the ball around soon


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  1. I can't quit crying! But it's only appropriate. So sorry about your loss. I mean who loves us like our pets?? They find the most tender part of our hearts and love even the dark places that so few even know about. Their lives are gifts to ours. My heart goes out to ya'll. HP